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Virtual Classes

Deliver intuitive online learning courses with interactive educational tools to keep your students engaged, informed, and interested for more.


Educator’s Journey


Virtual Office

Create your brand as professionals and consultants to utilize a hyper-customized virtual meeting platform for catering to your clients.


Consultant’s Journey


Virtual Stage

Interact with a global virtual audience and connect with them for fun-tertainment via creator monetization tools for live shows, sessions & meetings.


Entertainer’s Journey

Leverage Full-Stack Technology To Earn 10X Income

Monetize your expertise, knowledge, skill & time from anywhere in the world and earn a stable monthly income
CallXP Build

Get personalized website enabled with dynamic features & white-labeled brand domain

CallXP Wallet

Facilitate secure online transactions into your bank and access complete transaction history

CallXP Earn Easy

Provides a platform to earn prompt returns through your subscriber base.

CallXP Uprise

Manage end-to-end live interaction with the audience via meeting scheduler & online ledger

CallXP Automated

Web-based video conferencing platform automates communication with your audience

CallXP Branding

Get brand awareness and lead generation for your brand on all major digital platforms

Why CallXP?

Enables you to take ownership

Our platform enables you to be a genuinely autonomous creator, take control of your audience and have access to first-party data.


Our platform prioritises the creator’s needs in all of our choices and deliverables. Beyond everything, we understand that we can only be successful if our creators are successful.

Empowering skill-monetization

Our platform believes that the creative economy is built on passion, and artists are entrepreneurs. Creators have been restricted by the 4 walls of social-media platforms and we’ve come to even up the odds.

CallXP is Ideal For







Benefits of choosing CallXP

Helps you engage virtually with prospective consumers beyond geographical boundaries.​

Helps you share your CallXP account with your audience and protects your personal contact details.

Helps you map your audience activity, grow your brand, and acquire more followers​

Enhances lead generation and helps you widen your audience​

Provides a platform to earn prompt returns through your subscriber base.​

Provides insights on subscriptions, bookings, and customer spending.

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CallXP is a wonderful platform to create an individual brand and make an alternate income source. It has allowed me to help various upcoming brands with their promotion strategies. These brands have now become my regular customers in my increasing customer list. Thank you CallXP team!

Payal Gupta
Digital Marketing Specialist

I am using CallXP to mentor the students preparing for the NEET entrance exam. It has not only provided a seamless experience for interested students to book my time slots, but has also provided numerous leads of students which has grown my revenue multi-fold. I am sure that the journey has just begun with CallXP and it is going to be a highly profitable one.

Dr.Abhinav Panwar
AIIMS Delhi, Gold Medallist - Biology Olympiad | Mentor for NEET Aspirants

I have more than 23,000 followers on Instagram. CallXP has provided a great medium for me to earn from my followers who are turning up for personalized fitness training programs, diet and nutrition plans. I think that now with CallXP, I might turn my passion for fitness into a full time job very soon.

Ketan Dutta
Fitness Coach

I am running Abacus classes for children of the age group 5-12 years. I used to teach only the children in the neighborhood through word-of-mouth publicity. After signing up on CallXP, I am now teaching students from all parts of the country. CallXP has regularly provided leads of interested students to me. I have been able to convert most of those students after the demo class. I highly recommend CallXP to all tutors.

Umang Jain
Abacus Tutor

CallXP has helped me help multiple patients in a short span of time. Generally, people can't immediately bring their beloved pets to a clinic if a minor issue happens and that's the gap CallXP has helped me bridge with my patients. Earlier, I used to get random calls, texts, videos calls throughout the day to help resolve a minor/major issue. With CallXP, it has become much easier for me to manage my clients, connect easily with them via video calls, and receive payments for my consultations.

Dr. Ravi Israni
Veterinary Doctor

Questions or Queries?

Write to us at, and our experts will solve your queries.

CallXP is a one stop solution for the creators of today’s world. It is a tech-enabled platform that is marketing powered and helps today’s creator (educator, entertainer, professional) to build, connect, and monetize their audience.

CallXP is for the creator’s of today’s world. Via our platform you can teach any skill you possess, provide consultation to your audience, entertain and engage with them and earn money simultaneously.

As a creator, you can schedule & attend meetings with your audience, streamline payments, and record all your meetings. You will also be able to engage with your clientele via our C.R.M. through our specialized email and S.M.S. campaigns. Additionally, you will be provided with a customized subdomain which can be linked to your own website.

As a creator, CallXP helps you to connect with your audience and earn simultaneously. We also enhance your audience size by providing you with leads, along with creating a completely personalized tech platform that is easy-to-use and very efficient.

For an avid internet user, CallXP provides you with a platform to reach out to your mentor, coach, counselor, teacher etc. in a one-on-one session by paying a nominal fee.

To avail the services, you’d have to pay the requisite fee that is mentioned as per the plan. We also have a few exciting offers in our kitty and you can reach out to us at to check them.

As a creator, you can create your own customized and personalized website, that will be one-click shareable with your audience to connect with you. You can schedule your meeting slots, define your own call rates, conduct audio-video meetings and get access to your recordings.. all on CallXP. You will also be able to own your audience and reach out to your audience via SMS and email campaigns. Additionally, if you already have a website, we’ll be happy to link your CallXP account to it for ease of convenience.

In today’s age, having a digital identity is just a given. CallXP helps you to keep your personal credentials secure, meanwhile connecting you to your audience via your CallXP account to engage with them and monetize your skills.

CallXP is a safe and secure platform and we guarantee a 100% safety of your data.

We have an easy cancellation policy. In case for any reason, you wish to not avail our services, you can simply reach out to us within the first 30 days of your account commencement and we will refund the entire amount to your original payment method.

All memberships in CallXP last for a period of 12 months.

We have 3 plans available for the creators – Silver, Gold & Platinum. Please feel free to reach out to us at and our team will get in touch with you with the details.

CallXP’s inter mediation fee is one of the lowest in the industry. It includes the payment gateway charges, call & bandwidth charges and storage charges. The fee is dependent on the selected plan, i.e. Silver, Gold or Platinum.

A creator and user are put in direct touch with each other routed via our platform and can schedule the sessions 1:1 or 1:many based on you and your audience.

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