7 Best Strategies To Promote Your Workshop On YouTube


YouTube, a sensational video streaming and creating an app, makes it a perfect choice to promote your workshop on YouTube. The video content platform is one of the biggest and largest social networking sites. 

Five billion videos are watched every day, and the most active age group is between 18 to 49! Today, YouTube is the most-watched networking site and the best strategy for businesses to promote and advertise their brand via a YouTube channel or influencer marketing. 

  • Create a buzz for the event: List that event date and other information on every social media channel. Be it Linkedin, Instagram, etc. You can use the “Event dates” Button to provide you with all the necessary information on your YouTube channel. 
  • Put the right keywords: Using the right keywords in your title which people are most likely to search is the next best way to get your content or workshop visible. If you put the right keywords in place, that will be enough to promote your workshop to your target audience. 
  • Deliver your workshop objectives: You have to be crystal clear with what you will talk about in the workshop. What information will you deliver to your audience?
  • Video is one of the best ways to educate your audience about your brand and why you are conducting this workshop. People must know your short-term and long-term vision. And to deliver that vision, your promotional video has to be excellent in terms of selecting the right words. You can share a blog or maybe a case study to help people understand the workshop objectives!  

  • Create a call-to-action: You might have noticed that while receiving an email or a promotional email. There is always a call-to-action button attached at the bottom of the video, which will ask you to follow their online channels on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube for the upcoming updates.
  • Cross Promotions: Again, I would say cross-promotions are one of the most important promotional events in one’s life. It is like promoting the word on different platforms. 
  • Pre-Launch Videos: Create teasers and promote them on all your social channels such that it intrigues your audience to watch or sign up for the workshop. Have you ever watched comedy shows to promote themselves? 
  • Ask Fellow-Influencers: There goes a lot of bartering between influencers on YT. All you need to do is find the people who are in your niche and collab with them.  If collab is too-far-fetched then you can always promote their channel and ask the favor in return.

How web-based video conferencing can be used as a tool to educate?

  1. Publicize: Publicise your workshop promotional video on different platforms, all the important forums like radio, TV, newsletters, websites, and other influential channels where you think your audience will see the video. 
  2. Design YouTube badges: Create your brand’s YouTube badges that represent your presence on the platform. 
  3. Interact with your target audience: You must talk to the people who follow you, subscribe to you, and take a stand for your channel and brand. Even if you are shy, communicating over a video and broadcasting your YouTube channel, upcoming workshops, and events on the same video. Because the people who follow you will always want your attention. So, talking to them via a video and promoting your workshop can be a good strategy! 
  4. Interview attendees: We think we can take a deep breath once the interview is over, and now we are trouble-free. But no, you must engage with your interview attendees before and even after the interview is over. You must tell them about the topic of your workshop, which is a must. They might be interested in attending the workshop, but it will help you spread it through word of mouth. 
  5. Use striking and eye-catching posters and especially titles: Content matters a lot. So the content you put on the poster and the design of the poster should be spectacular. Additionally, the title plays a major role in delivering the right message to the customer. 
  6.  Encourage contests: There are various contests that you can use as an engagement tool to build your audience as well as to deliver your message regarding the workshop. 
  • Be honest: When you promote your brand, yes, you do promote something intangible. But with that promotion, you also do promote your identity and who you are, why people should follow you and respect you. So, being authentic is the most important creator economy tool.
  • Keep it short and crisp: This is one of the most prominent pieces of advice we all have been bestowed with. To create the content in an engaging manner, the content cannot be too long. Long videos are not considered a good promotional tool, plus they might decrease your retention rate. So, let’s keep the content short and design catchy titles!