Five Big Benefits of Online Lawyer Consultation

Benefits of Online Lawyer Consultation
According to Economic Times, 61,400 new start-ups have been recognized in India as per the data of January 10, 2022. In the year 2021, India emerged as the third-largest country in the number of unicorns added, which was 44 in total after the United States and China.  This brings us to the point wherein the need for online lawyer consultation or e-consultancy increased drastically. Why e-consultancy? The outbreak of pandemic led people to realize the advantages of work-from-home or remote work. Everyone, including working professionals like Doctors, lawyers, and other consultants, wanted to be a Solopreneur or work remotely. So, online consultancy is the only and one of the best options left for both the clients and the lawyers.

Benefits of online lawyer consultation:

  • Saves time and money: We all must have visited a local court at least once. Thus, the scenario of the local courts is nothing but pathetic, wherein lawyers are awaiting clients and vice versa. Lawyers spend a lot of time at court, and investment in time is an investment in money, as per a famous quote. Neither the clients nor the lawyers benefit from it, and the ones who are benefitted are either addressed by an unknown lawyer or from a family or friend’s recommendation.
  • E-consultancy or online legal advice can solve this issue in seconds. You can directly go to a website choose a lawyer as per your requirements. If you are a start-up, you might need a business legal consultant who can handle every hassle of your business from scratch. Also, you can check reviews ratings and can know the worth of the money you are spending on the services.
  • No need to carry hard copies: We are living in an epoch where your whole work can be saved on a drive without being afraid of it getting stolen or lost.
  • Post e consultancy era, we needed to maintain hard copies of every file related to meaningful work. Though start-ups like Dropbox, Google Drive emerged a decade ago, the growth of these document management companies was propelled only after businesses grew. The need to align everything in one place was the rationale behind the cascading effect. For instance, you want to consult with a lawyer for any property-related issue. Like old days, you need not go to his place and provide him with the necessary documents like property papers, etc. You can easily do that from the comfort of your house by simply emailing the files or sharing the drive link.
  • Complete discretion and confidentiality: One of the most important reasons behind choosing online legal consultancy is to maintain complete confidentiality of the documents, and the clients, which is not possible while you are working and meeting in a physical space.
  • Billing made easy: Gone are the days when lawyers had to maintain accounts of each and every client and keep track of the number of days and projects they have worked on.
  • With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, and Web 2.0, everything has shifted online from offline. There are content creation sites for working professionals which will provide you with your own Digital brand. It will not be like the old days. Instead, all the tools that are necessary for a lawyer or a legal consultant to keep track of client payments and the projects worked on will be taken care of. Each and every detail of every single client will be present on your laptop/tablet or mobile screen. So, yes! It is as easy as it sounds.
  • Way to monetize their services for lawyers: Online legal consultancy and content creation websites have unlocked futuristic revenue streams for legal consultants.
They can now host paid or free live sessions or webinars for their clients on any specific topic. Also, they can provide customized services to some of the subscribers who are willing to pay. Like if a subscriber wants a one on one session on the property tax issues and the ways to resolve them, he can directly chat with the lawyer and book a slot for a specified fee. How CallXP can help legal consultants: 
  • CallXP, the world’s first digital toll line for content creators, can help legal consultants by taking them on board and providing them with all the necessary services.
  • CallXP will provide consultants with their own white-labeled website.
  • It will help legal consultants acquire potential clients.
  • The platform will provide consultants with a safe payments gateway.
  • CallXP dashboard will give all the necessary details to the lawyers, like reviews, meeting slots and changes, if any, payments made, ratings, etc.
  • On CallXP, consultants can host free or paid live sessions, or webinars with the subscribers.Read More About:- Passion Economy Tools