Case Study: A Young Lawyer Multiplying His Income With CallXP

Young Lawyer on CallXP- Professional

Anish, a young lawyer, yearns to increase his earnings via offering online legal consultancy to his clients. This 24-year-old, fresh postgraduate is struggling to find the best way to earn money that can support his family. 

With his A-listed law school degree in Civil & Litigation, he finds it difficult to sustain on a mere INR 5000 stipend which doesn’t cover his traveling expenses. Ever since the pandemic and virtual court sessions, even well-established lawyers are struggling to find avenues to work. 

Being a GenZ, he has tried to work on his website and Instagram followers. His Wix website cost him a fortune for a domain, shared hosting, and development. Then marketing this website on Instagram made him pay more than earn. 

After shuffling between different platforms and trying out various ways to earn a living and grow his audience, Anish is barely able to earn INR 7000/month. 

Problem Statement: How Can Lawyers Digitize Their Work?

Today, what we are dealing with is a crisis of content monetization. Living in an epoch of 50million content creators and on an average 7 hrs spent on content consumption online, the power still lies in the hands of platform owners. Creators are still gawking for ways to earn a decent living digitally. Additionally, the content they produce can be copied and pasted by anyone online. For instance, a mind boggling photo taken by a famous photographer can be easily downloaded and sent. 


Professionals like Anish are eyeballing for a platform that can give them privacy and right over what they create, a stable source of income, connect them to their potential leads, and above all one place to create opportunities, consume media and manage their clients.

CallXP- A Digital Toll line for Passion and Gig Economy

A place that ends your quest to rely on multiple platforms for content creation, consumption, promotion, and payment. 


On CallXP you can start earning with even a subscriber base of 100. We do not rely on ad revenues to generate income for our creators like YouTube, as ad revenues are a highly variable form of income. 


For the longest time, advocates and lawyers had no dedicated platform where they could list their services and attract clients.


Here, professionals are free to decide their customized rates for their services. Anish can differentiate between his services like case filing, hearing, proof submission, form fill-ups, counseling & research aid. He can also conduct meetings with clients or provide consultation for a fixed price. With your white-labeled website, there is no need to pay domain fees or development charges. And with CallXP’s lead generation licenses, he doesn’t have to worry about creating business opportunities. Potential client generation is taken care of via its Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 


Anish is now directly selling his consultancy services even with a limited subscriber base. The CallXP dashboard regularly gives him updates about the client’s reviews, meetings, and payments made. And consultants like him are happily enjoying all benefits of online visibility and competition against high-ranking counterparts by paying a small upfront fee that doesn’t burn their pocket, unlike other platforms that run high Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) ads without guaranteed results. 


We offer yearly licenses to sign-up as a creator or professional. These annual licenses start from INR 15000, which includes all the services like lead generation, Customer Relationship Management, payment management tools, and virtual meeting stage to directly monetize your skills, knowledge, and time. In fact, ever since Anish has joined the platform, he has got a business of INR 37, 400 in the first few months. 


Enabling growth, CallXP is one of the best platforms for content monetization as you get all kinds of creator economy tools to measure and optimize your marketing efforts.

The Solution: Legal Consultants Virtual Workplace

As stated by Li Jin, a society where creators are the owners of the platform and a completely decentralized way of content creation and consumption. Today we are prone to consume videos, images, and even services free of cost. Creators are the new age entrepreneurs and followers are no longer just fans rather they are customers who consume the created content on social media. 


“A Digital Toll Line for gig economy players and consultants to create their own design studios and monetize what they once were producing for free!”