Case Study: How To Become A Successful Creator? [Social Media Celeb Edition]


According to a report generated by grand view research, the global industry size of influencer marketing was USD 1.5 billion. Every fifth page we stumble upon on Instagram posts videos or reels related to the fashion industry. Social media celebrity is a real career now!

Sara, a 21-year young social media celeb, is a part of this enormous industry. She always admired make-up artists and saw how they do what they do. When she crossed 18, everyone started asking her what she wanted to become. Answer? A content creator and a fashion influencer. 

Being a millennial, most of her family was satisfied with her choice. However, little did anyone know what lay ahead. 

A highly competitive industry!

The problem statement:


Sara is a fashion influencer with 96.7K followers on Instagram. She regularly posts make-up tutorials, dressing and styling videos, and reels, plus she engages with her audience via live chat, apprising them about her regular schedule, how she takes care of her fitness, and the beauty brands she prefers to use. 

Being an influencer, she wanted to monetize her work and was looking for content monetization platforms. Sara has to spend a significant amount on Instagram and social media promotions, with Instagram promotions, starting from INR 146.75 per post. The Earned Media Value (EMV) remains unassured in the aftermath of all this expenditure. 

Sara’s expertise is posting tutorials about being good at doing make-up, personality development, and looking presentable. Using Instagram or other content creation platforms has been of little help to Sara. 

She earns on an average INR 60K per month with brand collabs but this isn’t a consistent income. 

At present, Sara needs a trusted and reliable content monetization platform. A platform that advertises her content and brings potential clients to her brand.

Fundamentally, she needs a good content strategizing platform which can offer her multiple streams to earn revenue. Sara needs a platform that can colonize her digital studio to attract an audience of the same interest.  

CallXP: Limitless ways to earn revenue

CallXP, the world’s first Digital Toll Line for content creators. CallXP is a platform that welcomes everyone: 

  • Educators: Teachers, Motivational speakers, coaches, online tutors, etc. 
  • Consultant: Psychologist, Doctor, Lawyer, real-estate agents, fitness trainers, etc. 
  • Entertainers: Stage performers, stand-up comedians, influencers, etc. 

CallXP can be a game-changer for social media celebs and marketing their brand to their target audience. Being amongst the most prominent fashion influencers, Sara can triple her income from what she is earning right now. 

CallXP will offer Sara her own white-labeled website. She will be the creator and the owner of her content. Additionally, Sara will be bestowed with all the marketing and branding strategies needed for her brand to gain an audience. 

CallXP, content creation and monetization platform, is a one-stop online solution for content creators looking for ways to monetize their skill set. 

Let’s look at the ways Sara’s income skyrocketed when she made a choice and switched to CallXP: 

  • She started sending out paid customized video messages for her fans and exclusive make-up tips for the subscribers who were willing to pay for her services
  • She started hosting paid webinars, live sessions, or exclusive make-up sessions for her fans
  • Her brand collabs happened on CallXP that saved her from buying licenses of different platforms
  • Her live performances and make-up classes are saved and people are buying these sessions that add more value to her content

When Sara joined CallXP, she was already a prominent fashion influencer but didn’t seem to have enough revenue-earning methods. After joining CallXP, Sara immediately started earning approximately INR 1,20,000 per month.  

CallXP provided her with her personalized CallXP dashboard, wherein she can choose different ways to earn using her skills, schedule her calendar, check out reviews, and keep an eye on the payments that were being made. 

Benefits Sara is getting from CallXP:

  • Her personalized dashboard
  • Freedom to manage her schedule according to her requirements
  • A customized website caters to her specific needs
  • She is a trouble-free mind, as she can now just focus on improvising her content
  • The Platform that will generate potential leads for her brand
  • Different ways to earn and generate revenue. 
  • Do not share her details, as the CallXP dashboard will guide her
  • A safe payments gateway. 

The Solution:

In this epoch where every third person wants to become a content creator, we need a content creation and monetization platform on which we can entirely rely—starting from website development, marketing, and branding, generating potential clients’ leads to manage their payments.