How to get celebrity personalized messages as a birthday special?

birthday with celebrity

How would you feel when your best friend surprises you on our birthday with celebrity personalized messages?

Awesome, right! 

We live in an era where the growing trend of celebrity endorsements, especially influencer marketing, is impacting all of us. We all follow celebrities or influencers from different genres, and it feels great if we get the same love and care back in the form of wishes on special occasions. We all have seen Instagram live chats where fans want celebrities to just take their name, and that is enough for them.  

Not just this, we are living in an age where we can see the influence celebrities are creating. Moreover, platforms are coming up just to get a celebrity or influencer to give a happy birthday wish in the form of a video, text message, or a post on their social media account. 

So yes, this trend is not going to stop. It’s in the nascent stage now, and it’s only going to grow with time!

Three ways to get celebrity personalized messages:-  

When you want a celebrity to give a happy birthday wish to your loved ones, you can personalize it in different ways!

  • Make a personalized video consisting of your message: Yes, you can create a personalized video for your friend or family member. The video may consist of all the moments you have spent together, and at the end of the video, add the celebrity video greetings. 
  • Get a personalized video as a wish directly from the celebrity or influencer: This is one of the amazing ways in which you can surprise your loved one. 
  • Speak to the celebrity and request them to wish your loved one with a personalized message. Anyone can now book the calendar of their favorite Internet celeb, social media celeb or Bollywood actors or actresses. Digital platforms like CallXP has hyperlocalized the approach.

  • Share the recorded celebrity personalized messages on your social media channels: 
  • In the social media days, you can’t keep a secret like this to yourself. Time to flaunt that you have been able to secure a personalized message for your loved one’s favorite celeb. 

    Post it on your social media channels tagging the celebrity and who knows they might reshare which ultimately give you and your friend a big platform to shine. Aren’t we talking about double or triple the benefits?

How to create celebrity video greetings?

CallXP is a virtual interaction and monetization platform for content creators and influencers. We host a line of A-listers and Bollywood known faces like Vidya Tikari, Mehak Dhawan, and more. This platform has enabled audience interaction to the next level.

CallXP for Celebs:

Do you recognize yourself as a celeb or an influencer?

Do you often get DMs about sending a message to their partners, siblings or parents? 

But you also afraid that if you reply to one such requests, the DMs will flood with more and without a bandwidth to manage such request, this will be an ultimate failure?

Well, here’s what CallXP do for you:

  • Create your personalized website that is going to be the face of your personal brand
  • Allow you to set up your calendar to display booking availability
  • Your audience will be able to book meeting through the personalized link
  • Even before you know, payment collection will be done
  • Platform notifies you whenever there’s a meeting request
  • Choice will be yours and it’s just a click away whether to attend or reject the meeting request
  • CallXP takes care of the autorecording of the message
  • Just in case you need assistance, our 24×7 support team will guide you

It is really all about you and your audience to make this engagement a work of magic!

CallXP for Audience:

We understand the pain and joy of the approaching birthdays of your loved ones. While you want to celebrate like no tomorrow,  the ghost of pressure makes it tough too!

Half of us end up asking- So, what do you want to do on your birthday?

So, don’t be sleazy this time! And don’t you dare all the husbands and boyfriends who easily say out loud- I’m really bad at planning birthdays!

All your queens deserve the extra effort. 

So, find your favorite celeb’s CallXP profile. Book their calendar and request them to create a nice personalilzed video greeting that will make your birthday person cry happy tears.