How To Start Your Online Makeup Academy?

How To Start Your Online Makeup Academy?

Professional make-up artists running their make-up studios to teach and impart make-up tips are now shifting from offline to online makeup academy. Due to the wrath spread by Covid 19, work ecosystem changed drastically as lesser events happened. But interestingly, more students pursued their careers and took up online courses.

There was a make-up studio in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, which was in business for the last 15 years. They used to take up wedding bridal make-up contracts and also teach make-up to their customers. In 2020, their business was shut for 2 months with zero income coming in. Due to the weddings getting postponed and strict lockdowns to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the business was on the verge of shutting down. 

This is just one story. There are thousands of make-up studios which got closed during that time. 

This wouldn’t have happened if make-up artists could have realized the importance of content creation and how to monetize their skillset online! 

What's in 2022 for Makeup Gurus?

Now, professional make-up artists are shuffling between platforms where they can run their make-up studios online and monetize what they earlier were doing offline. 

For a decade, when it comes to starting a business online, the first thing that comes to our mind is Instagram and YouTube. Posting reels on Instagram, conducting live sessions with the followers who admire you and your work has become a new normal. 

But can content creators earn from these activities regularly? 

Guess you know the answer! 

They can earn from the Digital badges purchased by the followers on Instagram on the live sessions or from the sponsored content. 

In other words, we can call it influencer marketing. So yes, if you have 10k plus followers and good marketing and advertising strategy, you can definitely earn money as a content creator. 

Though the national average salary of a make-up artist in India is INR 31,103, that is absolutely not enough to make a living in our country. 

We have a whole new market for make-up artists to earn more from what they were usually earning and interact with their audience in a better way at the comfort of their own house. 

Of course, the starting point will remain the same for every content creator, including make-up artists. 

So let’s list down the thing that make-up artists need to work on to start their make-up studio online: 

  • Make an online presence: like setting up an Instagram or YouTube account. 
  • Informing their followers via email, call, text, or WhatsApp that from now the classes will be online. 
  • Working on their content quality: choosing a great video editor app to curate and make the content more admissible. 
  • Choosing the right platform to monetize their make-up tips. 

Seven out of ten people, especially girls, are posting make-up tutorials on Instagram via video, reels, or even by conducting live sessions. 

Make-up artists are looking for a reliable platform on which they can interact with their audience, conduct make-up live sessions and monetize what they are doing for free or for very little money right now. 

They are looking for a trouble-free environment where they can just focus on their content without stressing over the marketing and branding strategy, bringing in potential clients, managing payments, and managing their schedule for sessions and webinars. 

Here, We Introduce CallXP!

CallXP, a virtual interaction and monetization platform for content creators, is now all up and running. 

It is helping content creators connect with their target audience, chatting with them, conducting live sessions, monetizing their skillset in a carefree manner without stressing over receiving payments and tracking website traction.  

  • CallXP will provide you with your own customized website in just 72 hours. 
  • You will be provided with a Digital visiting card, by which subscribers can connect with you. 
  • Your CallXP admin dashboard will allow you to update your live sessions time, date, and seat purchase cost.
  • You can chat with your subscriber while the session is going on and take live feedback and answer questions. 
  • Our video interaction platform offers you the best virtual connectivity. Our platform is built to give you best user experience even during less stable network.
  • You can use the whiteboard to write down the cosmetics brand names and how to use them while the session is going on. 
  • Our tutors have special access of their classroom to manage activities. For example, you can choose to enter/exit one breakout room to another without hassle.
  • Using the admin panel, you can see your upcoming meetings or sessions and reviews, ratings. Also, you can view the generated bills and previous recordings.
So, are you ready to join us on this journey of monetizing your skillset and retain subscribers using our up-to-date creator economy tools for marketing, branding and virtual interaction platform that will cater to all of your needs!