Virtual Music Concert: How Musicians are Becoming a Part of the Creator Economy?


Before virtual music concerts were cool, let’s take a trip down the memory lane to the era where songs were heard on radios, and when music events were hosted, there were an array of people waiting outside to get a glimpse of that one musician they adore. An epoch where radio station sets were the best friends, and live events were the only way to meet or even get a sight of the prominent celebrities. 

Beginning of Virtual Music Concert

Then, with the emergence of the Internet and Web 2.0, a breakthrough approach, the world became an online networking site, where anyone can meet anyone and things transformed further. 

Furthermore, the surfacing of file sharing systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, and musician’s favorite SoundCloud switched things for the better of course! 

While the world was dealing with these technological advancements, social media platforms emerged, and some of the crowd favorites are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok among others. 

Now, radio sets are replaced by mobiles, and streaming events are held online on social media platforms, which led to the growth of the Creator Economy. 

Celebrities, musicians, and creators can now regularly engage with their audience through live Chats, and of course Instagram reels. So, gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues with negligible chances of meeting your favorites. On live chat mediums, the admirers can now directly chat with their favorites, and even ask questions and talk to them, which worked like a Jackpot for fans.  

So, who is winning?

Who are the winners? The people who are actually benefiting from this scenario. Is it the users, the content creators, or is it the platforms that were giving them this opportunity?

 The latter seems like the right option!

Creating music, collaborating with musicians worldwide, and live streaming it online in front of a crowd of millions. All these things transformed a normal individual into a Solopreneur, better known as a Content creator. 

So how does this chain work? 

Content creators create content on a platform where they earn by posting ads, or through paid online webinars, and live streaming. This revenue is divided between platforms and creators. For instance, YouTube takes a cut of 45% of ad revenues from what creators earn. The number of users watching the content depends on the creator’s fan base, how good the content is, and marketing of course. 

So, the actual winners are the platforms that earn from the content created by the prominent creators. 

The Problem:

Creators need a stable and transparent medium to monetize their skillset, where they can earn well. 

The net worth of the Indian Music Industry is $15 billion, estimated to reach $23 billion by 2023 according to Statista. There are hundreds and thousands of musicians struggling to get a chance to showcase their inert music skills, but not even 2 out of 100 get this chance. 

Here is a glance at the recording industry revenue in India: You can clearly see the rise and how the Indian music industry is one of the hottest topics worldwide:


The Solution: 

The Creator Economy is giving that break to people, they always craved. To be their own boss, not governed by a large production house, that can replace them anytime.

 Creators can own the content they create, they no longer have to work as per the instructions of large production houses, now creators are the Solopreneurs.

 Paid live sessions and webinars give them a chance to earn from their dedicated audience base. On YouTube, you need 100k views, to garner an income of $500 to $1000. That is obviously not enough to make a living! 

CallXP comes to the rescue!

CallXP, the world’s first digital toll line for content creators is now up and running. 

What if I tell you a story of a musician earning more than INR 40,000 just by purchasing licenses starting from INR 15,000. 

Yes, that is true. A musician with just a subscriber base of 100 can increase his income triple times more than what he usually earns. 

CallXP is your own digital design studio, that will take care of your marketing and advertising needs, will provide you with a trusted payment gateway, being a musician you can host free or paid live streaming sessions on your own website, that too will be given by CallXP!

The most amazing thing about our platform is the CallXP dashboard. On the CallXP dashboard, you can review and make changes to your daily schedule, check customer reviews, keep an eye on the payments, and the clients can book for live sessions hosted by the creator. 

So, if you are a musician and want to monetize your skill set are you ready to join India’s music Industry, independent of any production houses.