Authors: Conduct Your Online Book Reading Sessions On Virtual Interaction Platforms

Authors: Conduct Your Online Book Reading Sessions On Virtual Interaction Platforms

Virtual Interaction platforms have reconceived one of the classical ways of earning, which is writing. And dispensed new and futuristic ways through which writers can earn and engage with their audience virtually. 

India domiciles the largest freelance writing community with 15 million freelancers and bestows homage to the budding writers and authors. Also, the country ranks 9th when it comes to the number of books getting published every year, which is no less than 90,000 per year. And this is only the figure for books that prominent publishers are publishing. This estimate does not take into consideration the books that are self-published and ebooks.  

There are numerous online publishing platforms for writers that are coming up, including some prominent platforms like Amazon’s Kindle. This has led to an upsurge in new writers coming into the limelight who were suppressed earlier because of the budget needed to publish a book. With the advent of online publishing platforms and virtual interaction platforms, we can convincingly state that a duo of these two prominent mediums will increase the earnings of writers and will transform into a new era of virtual engagement of readers and writers.   

Let’s study some of the key benefits of online book reading sessions on virtual interaction platforms:

    • Convenience for writers

      Virtual conferencing platforms have provided convenience and comfort to the writer’s community. A digital environment where they can talk and engage with their readers sitting in the comfort of their own house. With the surge in video interaction, writers can eliminate their offline marketing budget and just focus on online mediums of marketing. CallXP, a virtual platform for monetization, can be the writer’s greatest guide to earning a stable income in various ways. Writers can register on the platform by purchasing an annual license and using our admin panel to schedule virtual book reading sessions, conduct workshops related to their niche in writing, host webinars with other writers, and engage with your audience on one to one basis.

    • Writers do not have to spend much on marketing

      By utilizing virtual interaction tools and online publishing platforms, writers can eliminate the hassle they face while publishing a book as a hardcover. Gone are the days when writers have to spend a fortune on offline marketing and travel to various cities to conduct book reading seminars. CallXP backs writers in the marketing and branding of their book so that they can just focus on conducting a successful webinar. Our team will bring in potential readers for the virtual sessions conducted by the writers. Also, writers will be bestowed with a Digital visiting card which will be linked to their website.

    • Increased audience reach

      The reach of the writers has increased manifold, instead of traveling to various different cities and places to market and reach their audience base. Now, writers can just focus on conducting mindboggling book reading sessions, and people from around the world can attend their sessions. Paid book reading sessions will give your audience a feel for personalized sessions.

The subscribers can directly book their slot from the admin panel. Also, they can check the date, timings, and other information about your upcoming webinars or workshops on the dashboard. 

Ways in which writers can earn on CallXP:

    • Writers or authors can conduct their book launches using our virtual conferencing platform. No matter if it is an ebook or hardcover. 
    • They can host their paid book reading sessions weekly or monthly, whatever suits them. 
    • Also, prominent writers and authors can engage with their community or audience base by hosting one-on-one sessions. Whoever is willing to pay for the session can book a slot. 
    • Writers can conduct occasional workshops on how to write engaging content or any topic in consideration of their niche. 


The futuristic ways to earn and make money by not spending even a dollar on marketing have now become a reality. Authors from around the world can connect to our virtual platform to monetize their skillset in numerous unique yet realistic ways, which wasn’t possible earlier.