Platform For Creators: 4 Top Freelancing Streams In India

Platform For Creators: 4 Top Freelancing Streams In India

The rise in the platform for creators has been a major driving determinant in India’s surge in the freelance sector and work-from-home opportunities. There are 15 million freelance workers in India currently, which is expected to touch 20-30 million by the year 2025. In the past few years, we have noticed a major transformation in the stance of how the youth looked upon employment opportunities. However, the aftermath of the pandemic manifested the possibility of work-from-home as a stable earning option. 

ASSOCHAM, which is a prominent trade organization in India, reported that the freelancing industry will further depict a whopping growth of $455 billion by 2024. 

The platform for creators giving rise the freelance opportunities in India 

Freelance Writing: 

Though freelance writing or content writing is classified as one of the oldest employment opportunities, the advent of the creator economy and content creators is a vital determinant in the growth of the freelance sector and mainly content writing. In the digital world, content is the king, and every organization needs engaging content. 

Starting from blogs and articles to whitepapers, ebooks, newsletters, and how-to guides, it’s an endless list of opportunities for freelancing. Especially the growth of Digital marketing and start-ups that cannot afford a workplace and are operating remotely have given an upturn to the freelance writing opportunities in India. 

Earlier freelance writers could only earn by bestowing their services to the clients. Though now, the case is different due to the creator economy tools. 

On CallXP, freelance writers can earn in numerous ways and bestow their services in varying ways. CallXP is a virtual platform for monetization, which content writers or freelance writers can effectively use to monetize their services: 

    • On CallXP, freelance writers can conduct a paid webinar for their audience regarding any topic of their niche. 
    • They can host a virtual workshop 
    • Also, writers can create their own curriculum to teach blogging or content writing and conduct the classes

Freelance Digital marketing: 

As mentioned before, digital marketing gives freelance work opportunities upturn. According to a report published by Statista, the Digital marketing or advertising industry currently has a total market size of INR 199 billion. The market is further projected to grow to INR 539 billion by 2024. 

Digital marketing is a broad sector that fringes various freelancing opportunities, like social media specialists, SEO specialists, web developers, or app developers. The sector is the most suited option for the youth nowadays. 

Using CallXP’s virtual monetization platform, Digital marketers can earn by conducting regular webinars referring to various marketing topics and call experts. This will add another revenue earning stream and help them gain potential clients for their business. 

Freelance Financial Consultancy: 

Another one of the topmost sectors in the freelancing landscape of the country. Unlike ancient days, now financial consultancy is not only offered to big conglomerates, start-ups, or multinational organizations. Instead, retired professionals, individuals, and corporate employees are also opting for financial consultants to get a piece of advice on their investments, assets, and taxation. 

The total market size of the financial services industry in India is US$ 500.69 billion to a report published by the India brand equity Foundation (IBEF). 

Being a financial consultant, now you can narrow down your area of expertise to a particular niche. For instance, you can become an investment advisor, insurance advisor, assets manager, debt counselor, taxation manager, etc. 

Suppose you are a freelance investment advisor who earns by giving the services to the clients. This scenario can be transformed and modernized by CallXP. 

As of now, you can schedule your weekly plans, like conducting a workshop on any of the topics related to your niche and monetizing it by sending your personalized CallXP digital visiting card to your clients, friends, and family. 

Freelance Web Developers: 

Web developers are mostly opting for freelancing opportunities in this digital era. As a matter of fact, any company or organization cannot operate without a Digital presence in this epoch. And that is the primary rationale why being a coder or having relevant knowledge about python, HTML, and Java can provide you with one of the highest-paying jobs. 

Web developers have wider scope in their careers, as they can choose and narrow down to operate either as front-end or back-end developers. 

Companies need web developers 24*7 to maintain the website, troubleshoot, and get timely updates on the website.