Now Run Your Own Online Bakery Classes In India At Comfort Of Your Kitchen

online bakery classes in india

What would have happened if in 1979 we had thought of reaching a million people just with a physical device and a video camera? 

Yes, no one would have believed it at that point in time. It was just like a marvel for them that will never occur or even take two or three decades more to happen! 

However, this marvel happened on 1st January 1983, when the Internet was officially announced, and computers found a way to communicate. 

Yes, it took another decade for people to understand what exactly it is. It was just like you put up a Netflix premium in front of kids, and they will topple it, play with it but will not try to understand what it is actually.

YouTube was launched on 14th February 2005 in San Mateo, California, United States.

 A social media company owned by Google created a blue ocean for people of all ages to communicate. People now can upload videos on what they are good at, hoping that everyone around them or people across borders will view their uploads. 

That is exactly what happened. The blue ocean Google created actually worked, and it not only worked, but it worked like a blockbuster movie on the theatres. Jawed Karim was the first YouTuber ever, and he posted a video titled “Me at the Zoo.” After that video, there was a flash flood of videos of all types. 

Now, in 2022 things have changed further. Let’s list and view how people strategize what to post on YouTube now: 

  • They first need to figure out the thing they are good at. 
  • After that, they decide their niche. The target audience they are going to cater. 
  • Following the first two steps, they fix a schedule to follow. Like how many videos to post in a day, week, or month’s time. 
  • After doing all the basics, they now shift to figuring out a marketing and advertising strategy. 
  • And now comes the focus point: the revenue model and how they are going to earn from YouTube. 

Becoming a YouTuber is now a dream of every kid you meet. Posting videos and earning through those videos is now a household thing. Though very few get to the top of the mountain, everyone now wants to reach there. 

Indian Bakers: Journey From Kitchen To Virtual Stage

Two people, Asha and Sunny, collaborate together to create video content and post it on YouTube. Both are great bakers, and they bake the flourless baked cake, flourless unbaked cake, and chiffon cakes at home. And their video get great responses.

Audience’s response bolsters their confidence and they plan everything starting from their target audience to their revenue earning strategy and, of course, a good camera with great voice quality mic. After the intial investment, it is 

They even finalized a video editing platform so that in case if they want to write down the recipe on the video itself, they can do that too. 

So, they launched their YouTube channel naming it Bakers spot. As beginners, they faced a lot of difficulties. For instance: 

  • Delayed feedback: cannot get on the session feedback on YouTube. 
  • They had a limited budget to spend on marketing and advertising. 
  • Even if they get a new subscriber, they cannot retain him.

CallXP Comes To The Rescue!

CallXP, a virtual interaction and monetization platform for content creators, can be of great help to the two YouTubers. 

CallXP comes with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to serve its clients with the best video interaction and conferencing platform for creators. 

Let’s see how CallXP can help bakers like Asha and Sunny: 

  • CallXP will provide you with your own customized website in the next few 72hours. 
  • The subscribers need not wait for videos. Instead, they can check your schedule on the CallXP admin panel or dashboard. 
  • Your subscribers can book slots using the admin panel and pay the specified fees. 
  • You need not send any link to the subscribers. 
  • On the video interaction platform, you will have full user controls. 
  • You can get instant feedback on the live session. 
  • Using user controls, you can mute or unmute anyone. 
  • Bakers can use the whiteboard while the session is going on. 
  • CallXP will provide you with your own Digital visiting card. The visiting card will directly get linked to the bakers’ website.

CallXP is all up and running for content creators to come and join the roller coaster ride to success and growth. Our virtual interaction platform makes the journey somewhat more exciting with the new upgrades it brings in.