Six Benefits of Owning Virtual Classrooms in Online Learning Ecosystem


Owning Virtual Classrooms in online learning ecosystem has become a new byword after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. When schools, shops, even daily need stores were shut to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, new educational technology start-ups prevailed. 

Start-ups like Coursera, Byju’s, Vedantu, Udemy, etc., experienced skyrocketing growth. Now classrooms were no longer limited to four walls, and an instructor, rather virtual classrooms emerged as an aftermath of Covid 19. 

The number of people who enrolled in online learning courses surged from 1.6 million in 2016 to 9.6 million in 2021. This drastic increase in the enrolment rate is transforming how education takes place. Now, the student’s choice of learning is not restricted to a few pre-decided subjects. Instead, students have the right to opt for the course they are looking for.

  • Improvement in accessibility: The education gap between urban and rural areas, which remained unfulfilled earlier, will be reduced as more and more students will be able to study online. A student requires a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop with a stable internet connection. Virtual classrooms will be a much-needed breakthrough in the country’s education system. 
Now, the students do not have to rely on any government school or any particular teacher. They can simply go online, look for the course they want to apply for, and start learning. 
  • Community building and collaborating with like-minded individuals: When you sign-up for a virtual classroom, you are not alone there. There are lots of people studying the same course. In schools, we only met a group of 30 students in a class, and the chances to find someone of similar interest as yours was almost zero.
This scenario has transformed now. Communities are getting built online, and people of similar interests can talk and discuss ideas that they find fascinating. Like a Robotics community named Discord, where people who are interested in AI, ML, and deep learning can come and discuss with others. As of 2021, Discord has over 350 million registered users, and the numbers are still rising.
  • Cost-saving: Commuting to schools, and universities involved a huge amount of cost while traveling, and thus it was an extra expenditure that was borne by both the teacher and the parent.
But after virtual classrooms emerged, this cost was completely eliminated. Now, the teacher can become an online instructor teaching right from the comfort of his own house, and parents need not worry about the pick and drop facility for their child. 
  • More flexible and comfortable: Online classes are pre-recorded sessions, and are uploaded on a student’s dashboard as soon as the class is complete. So, students do not have to worry about the timings and schedule of the classes. They can learn at their own pace. Plus the students can learn anytime, and at any place, they want to. 
Virtual classrooms prioritize learning more than schedule and timings. The online learning ecosystem is designed in a manner that a student will have ample time to pursue a side hustle or something of his interest without affecting even one classroom session of the student. 
  • Immediate feedback on test results: Gone are the days when we have to rely on the conventional education system and manual work to check each student’s test and provide the results. Wherein students have to wait for days, even for weeks to check their scores.
With the advent of smart computer programs and software, results can be concluded in seconds if not minutes. The emergence of online learning platforms has made it a stress-relieving task for instructors as well as app owners.  For instance when you give a test on Coursera or any other educational technology website you are given your score immediately. 
  • Sharpened technology skillset: Remember the era when even downloading software seems like a huge task. 
Though the unfolding of online learning platforms and virtual classrooms have made people well equipped to use a laptop/tablet. Learning can be in any form. Using a laptop or a desktop to take an online course is knowledge in itself. So, virtual classrooms are actually transforming students into tech professionals. 

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