Unfolding Futuristic Revenue Streams for Content Creators

Unfolding futuristic revenue streams for content creators

Gone are the days when content creation was considered just a hobby and content creators were hobbyists or side hustlers. At this point in time, content creators & professionals are the actual owners of the social media platforms. A well-grounded fact is, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube among others earn because of the engaging content created by the Solopreneurs which keeps the audience hooked to the platform. Again, the audience isn’t loyal towards the platform rather they are engaged towards the content created on that platform. Once, the creators decide to vacate your platform, the audience will no longer stay.

That brings us to a very crucial debate about the ways in which content creators can monetize their work and skills.

The best monetization platform is all about giving more power into the hands of creators is an inevitable demand of the time.

A report suggests the earnings of various content creators on Instagram. Let’s have a look at it-

  1. Micro-influencers – ₹6,531 ($88) per post 
  2. Influencers with 50k-80k followers – ₹14,843 ($200) per post 
  3. Influencers with 250,000-500,000 followers – ₹49,725 ($672) per post

Apparently not enough to transform content creation as a full-time job. 

Ways to Earn as Content Creators & Professionals

Ways to earn as a content creator
  1. Selling your services Working professionals like teachers, lawyers, doctors, fitness trainers, astrologers, tarot card readers, Chartered Accountants, Marketing and branding consultants among others are still betting on offline mediums to make a living. The major reason behind this lies in the usage of the term “Content creators”. What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear this term? Gamers, fashion bloggers, vloggers, podcasts, and all those people uploading photos or videos on social media. Isn’t it?  This perception towards creation plus the limited ways to monetize one’s skills and work is the major rationale why professionals don’t rely on social media channels which is why they are searching for the best monetization platform for earning.  Selling your professional skillset at the comfort of your house can be a great provocation for change. 
  2. Selling Exclusive content  A decade earlier, it was easy to get noticed on social media and become an influencer or a content creator due to limited awareness and thus competition. But since we are in 2021, and out of 50 million content creators worldwide, only 2 million+ are professionals earning in six figures, things are getting arduous for Gen Z.  To stand out in your niche, you need to produce content that is exclusive and can keep the audience engaged. For instance, uploading a video of live game streaming and passing commentary would be of little help. 
  3. Branded Sponsorships  Partnering with brands and espousing the products which are suitable for your target audience is one of the most prominent methods of earning as a micro-influencer.  Kylie Jenner, with a following of over 175 million Instagram users, earns $983,400 per post.  Before collaborating with brands you need to get a clear understanding of the demographics of your followers. Pitching a product in a post that will entice them can result in a better engagement rate. 
  4. Freemium Revenue Strategy A notable strategy followed by Netflix and many other platforms suggests, that initially, people will not like to pay for the content as they were previously habituated to getting it free of cost. To tackle this challenge, one of the key revenue models is Freemium. If you are launching something exclusive, be it content or a service, give it for free. Exactly like the free trials given by various edu-tech platforms.  Everyone will pay for the content or service they like. Thus, people will only pay for two reasons, either they are your follower or they are hooked on the content you produce.
  5. Selling Merch For the creators who have already developed a community of followers, selling merchandise specifically merch with your brand’s name and logo like T-shirts, coffee cups, bookmarks, etc can be a great option to earn. 
  6. In-app tipping   Facebook has launched in-app tipping in its video-streaming platform wherein, fans can purchase stars and send them to the streamers. This is one of the best monetization strategies though still limited to video game streaming. The social media giant has also claimed that the revenue share it will be charging from the creators would be less than Apple’s, which is 30%. 
  7. Direct Advertising  Though earning from ad revenue is a cliché strategy but it still works. Creators can use clickable ads to earn and sponsor content on their sites. 

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