Three Reasons To Activate Virtual Gynecologists Appointments For Your Patients


Taking virtual gynecologist appointments online is becoming one of the necessities when we are talking about millennials or Gen Z. 

According to the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) there are around 70,000 practicing gynecologists, including the registered doctors and doctors who are yet pursuing their PG and diploma courses and are not yet registered. 

There are various questions on Quora like, when my daughter should visit a gynecologist or if she really needs to visit one. 

When it comes to physically visiting a doctor, there a lot of challenges:

  • Firstly, you have to deal with the anxiety of visiting a doctor’s office
  • Patient’s body may not be ready for a visit
  • Societal 
  • A lot of times, there is no need for a visit

This brings us to a point where virtual consultation is the foremost and appropriate option for the millennial generation and girls of all ages. Especially in the field of gynecologists, wherein patients are not comfortable going to the doctor or physically visiting the clinic. At the same time, virtual consultation or talking over a virtual platform where you decide whether to turn on or turn off your camera is still a suitable and flexible option for patients.  

During the pandemic itself, Delhi witnessed a growth of 350% in online Gynecology appointments. 52% of all the gynecology-related consults are from women, while 48% are from men, possibly for their spouse, with the 50% consultations coming from tier 1 or tier 2 cities. 

Dr. Alexander Kuruvilla, Chief Healthcare Strategy Officer, Practo, quoted, “ Telemedicine is making a very positive impression on healthcare during the pandemic especially and is being used not just for coronavirus related queries but also for other medical conditions.” 

Three Prominent Reasons Why Virtual Gynecologists Appointments Are Necessary

  • Avoid Physical Check-Ups: A normal person like us will never know if there is actually a necessity to visit the doctor’s clinic physically unless prescribed by the doctor themselves. In such scenarios, virtual consultation works the best.

    Nowadays, there are various video interaction and conferencing platforms. Doctors can sign-up on these platforms and list out the services they are going to cater to their patients. 

    From thereon, patients can look for the gynecologists that have the best ratings and reviews and book an online consultation.
  • The body is not fit to visit a doctor: At times, the patient’s body is not fit to go for a full medical check-up with the gynecologists. In such scenarios, it’s better to stay at home and take virtual consultation. 
    If the symptoms are severe and there is a need to visit the doctor physically, the gynecologists will themselves prescribe to come and visit the clinic for further tests. 
  • Logistics involved: Patients with terminal illness are usually consulting doctors at regular intervals. Many face appointment struggles, waiting line, bear traveling cost and come in contact with danger of viruses. To avoid all of this, virtual gynecologist appointments have eased a lot of problems.

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