Virtual Meeting Platform For Educators To Scale Their Classroom Enrollment


Education has always been classified behind the scenes as an offline medium to teach. Teachers, coordinators, instructors, and even students never imagined a scenario where knowledge can be imparted online with utmost flexibility, sitting at their own houses via a virtual meeting platform.

While scrolling through Instagram feed, there are memes and one it was quoted Gian, a character, on the famous animated TV series called Doraemon, “how exciting it will be to study at your home, sitting on a couch or whatever is your comfort spot.” 

Who knew one day online tutorials referred to as Virtual classrooms, would become a reality. 

There is a famous saying in the start-up world “timing matters more than the idea itself.” You can take the example of one of the most eminent Video conferencing platforms for start-ups and businesses to conduct meetings online without the necessity to meet in person. 

Zoom was launched in the year 2011 in San Jose, California, United States. An increase of 2900% has prevailed from 10 million to 300 million in the number of participants joining and conducting meetings daily on zoom since December 2019.

The same scenario happened with Google Meet, which was launched on 9th March 2017. However, something changed after the outbreak of the pandemic. Finally, businesses were realizing the value of online meet-ups, and thus having no other option as an alternative, and they started accessing it.

A cascading effect by a factor of 30 between January and April 2020 in the number of participants happened with 100 million users using Google meet as a platform to conduct meetings, sessions, and webinars.   

How web-based video conferencing can be used as a tool to educate?

If anyone asks me this question now, I would say there are multiple ways in which web-based video conferencing can serve both educators and students with more freedom of choice, expression, and speech. 

Have you ever observed a physical classroom of 30 students in detail? 

There are students who are shy, students who are extroverts, and students who are introverted. There are even students who just grab knowledge and stay quiet till they have a doubt to be answered. 

Even the Educator has to keep a manual count on how many students are sitting, are they paying attention or not, or are they busy in some distracting activity. 

Additionally, there are times when students have so many doubts and questions, but there is only one Educator. In this situation, the clamour results in inefficiency, and the doubts remain unanswered. 

I spoke with an English teacher with 19 years of experience in teaching. When I asked her what is the foremost problem teachers encounter while teaching in a physical classroom, she said to handle the backbenchers, who distract other students!

With the advent of Video conferencing platforms, everything will change. 

Let’s list down how: 

  • Every setting of the virtual classroom will be managed by the Educator. That means they can mute all the students and adjust according to the requirements of the class
  • Teacher can opt for the feature where only they can view cameras of all students and the students can only  view the teacher. This results in lesser distractions.
  • Fairness and equality will be offered and terms like backbenchers and notorious students will vanish as teachers can view realtime data of how each student is performing with CallXP’s engagement insights.
  • While demonstrating a concept, educators can use in-built whiteboard with multi-user functionality. Now, calling students on board to solve equations is imitated on the virtual whiteboard.
  • To keep the session interactive, pop out a quiz, surprise tests or polls to enagage students optimistically

How CallXP create a blue ocean and differentiate itself from other virtual monetizing platforms? 

Introducing you to the newest edition to the creator economy with tools that are ready to surprise you!

After purchasing a license on CallXP, which starts from INR 14,999, the platform will provide the Educator with every necessary equipment required. 

In fact, unlike other virtual meeting platforms, Educators need not send any link to join the meeting. Students can directly see the meeting slot, timing, date, and the topic of the class they are going to take on the admin panel. From their students can book their slots and pay the specified fee decided by the Educator. 

The tools Educators can use on CallXP Video conferencing platform: 

  • Educators can control the audio setting on the classroom.
  • They can conduct live tests by creating a multiple choice question (MCQ) poll, and students can directly answer while the meeting is going on.
  • You will be given your Digital Visiting card that will act as a QR code and will directly bring students to the Educator’s website for booking the classes and courses
  • The plus point is that the whiteboard, and the camera screen can run simultaneously, which is a game-changer for the teachers. Human psychology supports the use of face and hand gestures while teaching are as important as whiteboard sessions.
  • One of the most important features of the CallXP’s Video conferencing tool is that students can use the whiteboard as well. 
  • Notes that can be shared as homework for students on the platform itself. In fact, the admin panel will consolidate all the meeting notes every time you wind up a meeting.
  • Also, if you want to share any image, you can easily upload it. Interestingly, you can also write on those images and save the slides realtime for distributing it to the students later on. 
  • CallXP also allows you to play video over the screens of your students while teaching and make their visual learning even better with engaging content.

CallXP, the world’s first digital toll line for creators, educators and professionals. It stands apart from the crowd because of its user-friendly and customized features that can be changed according to the requirements of the content creator. After the website is prepared, it’s the discretion of the creator to change or edit any information.

What teachers across the fields are appreciating is payment and administration tasks management. Teachers are relieved from collecting fees, managing schedules, sending out meeting links, classroom notes, attendance tracker, student engagement and what not!

If you’re a teacher, join the band wagon for an upscaled performance and revenue generation today!