Virtual Meeting Platforms Are Redefining Online Pandit Consultation


The Indian spiritual and religious market is increasing drastically, with a current record of $40 billion worth of Industry. No doubt, looking at the Indian scenario, this is the only market that has only increased with time. People are increasingly looking for the best online pandit consultation.

Impact of Covid-19 on Online Pandit Consultation

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has made this situation even immense. When your loved one is in pain and suffering in front of you, what can you do if not rely on Astrologers and palm readers? Religion was their only refuge. 

Some went to their beloved Gurus, some to the temples, and many went to astrologers to predict what was going to happen next. People were perplexed and so were the doctors. When beds were fewer, there was a flash flood of patients coming in for help!

In this flash flood of people dying and businesses going into losses or even shutting down. However, the astrology market was still booming and increasing at a rapid pace. Out of which, there is a 10 billion market for horoscopes alone and 2 million practicing astrologers. 

As Seneca quotes, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise people as false, and by the rulers as useful. 

Best astrology consultation online: That is what people are looking for now

Now, the scenario has transformed into a thriller movie, where we all are waiting for an end to prevail, but there are various twists and turns while it takes place! 

According to Google Trends, searches for “birth chart” and “astrology” have increased five times in 2020 itself than what it was before. Though even before the pandemic arrived, there were a lot of factors that laid the foundation of virtual astrology consultations. The rapid technological advancements and new apps popping up every day and the beliefs of millennials or Gen Z are all the elements that made online consultation a usual trend on which people relied during the times of the pandemic. 

There are various apps coming in for astrology, numerology, and palm reading in the meantime of the pandemic. You might have heard about an app called Astroyogi. Astroyogi is India’s one of the biggest astrology consultation apps, currently serving 4 million users with a network of 7000 astrologers. 

We are living in an epoch where even food is delivered to your doorsteps, you can tap on your mobile screen, and an Uber or Ola would be waiting outside of your house to drop you to your desired location. Gen Z has realized the value technology and apps can bring to the market. That is the reason why every month, hundreds if not thousands of Venture capital events take place. 

So, here comes apps for astrology. The most beloved market for Indian people. During the pandemic, the normal technicians and even marketing people got ideas to launch apps for astrology, palm reading, numerology, among others.

A way for astrologers to better monetize their services

Yes, these astrology apps were giving astrologers what they wanted, a stable monetization platform, wherein they could consult their clients without the headache of running behind each client. 

Now, customers come to astrologers. Customers can easily sign in to any of the astrology apps they trust and start a virtual meet-up or chat with the astrologer. 

It solely depends on the customer’s will on which astrologer to select, based on the reviews and ratings given by the past clients. 

Traditionally, this was based solely on word-of-mouth, like which astrologer is the best one. However, word-of-mouth is not an effective strategy nowadays as people are busy in their own lives. Now, things have shifted from word-of-mouth to ratings and reviews that decide the majority of services we take.

CallXP comes to the rescue

CallXP is a virtual interaction and monetization platform for content creators. Using CallXP upgraded and the newest version of virtual interaction, astrologers can communicate to their clients more securely with the utmost confidentiality.  On CallXP, consultants like astrologers will be trouble-free from the headache of marketing and branding their presence online, taking care of the payments, bringing in potential clients, and so on.  The services that earlier they were doing manually will now be done automated. How CallXP can help Astrologers with its virtual meeting platform: 
  • Provides you with your own customized website in just 72 hours after purchasing the license. 
  • Provides with your own digital visiting card, which will directly be linked to the CallXP admin panel or dashboard. 
  • Clients can check your schedule on the admin panel and book their slot directly by paying the specified fees. 
  • As mentioned above, all the manual work will be taken care of by CallXP, and astrologers can just focus on their readings. 
  • Suppose due to bad internet connection video disables then also the client will be able to hear what the astrologer is saying. 
  • You can make changes and updates on your admin panel according to your schedule. 
  • The client details will remain confidential during and after the astrology reading.
  • Astrologers can check the payments on the admin panel via the CallXP safe payments gateway.