Want to become a Content Creator and Start Making Money Right Away?

In 2000, today’s working millennials never thought that becoming a digital content creator could be an option. The access and boom of technology have added limitless choices of career. It is about sustaining the race of earning wealth and finding the balance between your skills and passion. As we speak of passion, this industry has grown to over $38 billion with life coaching, self-improvement creators, and influencers leading the tribe.

Think you have a spark to share your knowledge or skills with an online audience? But you probably are worried about putting in the effort, time, and money to get nothing in return. Or you may have read more blogs about an ‘X’ number of reasons why content creators fail each year. Well, your worries are not meaningless, at least to say. But on the sunny side, here we are with a career map plan for you to begin your career the right way and right away!

First, who is a content creator?

Broadly speaking, the term “Content Creator” defines itself as anyone who creates content in W.A.V. format. Here, W.A.V. stands for written, audio, or video format. Now, as digital content creators, you want to intend your content as sellable products.

Now, it is clear that if you write articles or produce podcasts on weekends or have a YouTube channel, you have the potential to earn through your skills and knowledge. But the barrier is- how?

The Starter’s Pack of Becoming a Successful Digital Creator

The most arduous task is to find yourself on this journey. The biggest challenge, and this is where most passionpreneurs fail before their careers see the silver lining- to find what you’re good at! We have been consuming hours and hours of digital media. This media is filled with inspiring influencers. In fact, they make it look so glorious and easy that you fall to follow them as well. However, there is always a difference between what you’re good at and what you think you’re good at. To begin with, test and try to figure out which is the sustainable niche for you. That’s because to prevail, you have to preserve perseverance, and that can only be achieved if you’re true to yourself and your passion. Now, once you start producing the content and gauging a quality audience, it is time to consider how you should monetize it.

Content Creator Monetization:

HOW and WHEN should you begin to earn money?

Measure your success via KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like followership, engagement rate, and views of your audience. Now produce premium content for that interested audience who would not flinch before buying your product. What can you sell as social media content creators?

Here’s a listicle to give you an idea:

  • Subscription for your premium content
  • Affiliate marketing for branded products
  • Collaborate with other brands to promote their products
  • Accept requests for personalized training, session, or meeting
  • Provide consultation services
  • Consider fan donations for your freemium products and services
  • Offer range of merchandise
As per your niche, whatever model or combination works best for you, go ahead and sell it. But how? You can either choose to use social media channels or create your own website. But 90% of start-up ideas fail within a year because of low-quality branding activities or high investment. That’s where CallXP, a platform for content creators, comes to the rescue!

After creating your CallXP profile and avail the following benefits:

  • Get a digital visiting card to invite your audience and book your services
  • Create a customized free website to manage your online presence
  • Collect reviews to bolster your digital identity
  • Engage with your audience virtually without buying any other video conferencing tool to host personal sessions or webinars
  • Find a flow of leads via CallXP profile
  • Accept bookings and automate your calendar and invoicing
  • 360-degree view of activities through a centralized dashboard

The great part is yet to come!

The traditional method of content creator monetization will take you competing against the platform algorithms, but with CallXP, you can start earning from Day 1!

All you have to do is start populating your digital toll line, the CallXP profile, and once you have the inflow of audience, the rest is a game.

So, are you ready to make your passion, your permanent job?