White Paper: An Intuitive, Innovative & Inventive Virtual Interaction Platform For Creators & Professionals to Monetize

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Creator economy has a Total Addressable Market size of $104 billion, including the influencer marketing industry. Fifty million creators are bestowing what they are good at, from bloggers to writers, artists, vloggers, YouTube game streamers, and even working professionals like consultants, doctors, lawyers, etc. Out of 50 million creators, 47.6 million are amateur creators and 2 million – are earning in six figures. For them, having an intuitive, inventive and innovative virtual interaction platform for creators is going to be a big game changer.

Creator Economy consists of people who are good at providing a service or even customized merchandise. People who can work from home using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and monetize their existing skillset.  

The emergence of the Creator economy was not an uncommon phenomenon. Instead, it was an aftermath of Web 2.0 and the unfolding of the Internet in different countries, cities, and towns. However, the commencement of social media platforms has acted as an additional advantage because it has given a medium of communication. 

Within no time, this avenue to communicate was rather transformed in the revenue churning wheel, where people found a way to use their skills and earn via ad revenues. Now, normal people like us can make a difference by the content we create, whether it’s on any topic of any genre. 

A Subscriber base of Amateur Creators on different social platforms:

Instagram: 1 billion accounts on Instagram – 30 million have subscribers between 50-100k.

YouTube: 31 million channels on YouTube – 12 million have subscribers between 100k-10k.

Twitch: 3 million streamers – 2.7 million are non-partners or affiliates.

Challenge #1: Minimal revenue-earning streams for content creators

Brands on Instagram pay influencers around $10.00 per 1000 followers for a post. US Creators on Instagram are now earning via Digital badges that fans can purchase on live sessions, which still is a variable form of income because the journey from becoming a fan to a customer is yet a long way ahead. As per the platform, a fan can tip the broadcaster by buying one heart for $0.99, two hearts for $1.99 and three hearts for $4.99. 

Another major platform for content creation and monetization is YouTube. The content creators on YouTube conclusively spend a huge amount of time and effort to create valuable content. Though they specifically rely on YouTube ads.

Earning through ads is certainly not a stable form of income, and definitely not enough to earn a living because of the skipable ads by YouTube on every video, plus there are adblocking technologies popping up. YouTube takes 45% of the ad income of the creators for every 1000 views. 

Conclusively, we can say that the most prominent platforms for content creation and monetization do not offer promising returns for the value creators produce for their platforms. 

This is why creators are shuffling between platforms to find a stable resource of income or a reliable content monetization avenue. 

We can convincingly state the need of the hour is for the platforms to realize that creators are their income-generating resource. Because of good content, the engagement rate and the user base of their platform will increase drastically. 

Creators need a promising and reliable content monetization platform that can offer them everything in one place, like a one-stop solution for content creators. 

Challenge #2: Lack of a promising avenue to advertise and bring potential clients for the brand

Content creators are Solopreneurs who build their brand image from scratch. Here brand can be a fashion influencer posting styling tips and videos, or a legal consultant who is selling their legal services online, referred to as e-consultancy. 

Earned Media Value (EMV) is the term we use to describe the value generated from all the marketing and PR efforts you put in to build your brand. 

The most prominent social media platforms like Instagram consists of creators totalling 81,551 at the time. The number is constantly rising, and new businesses are creating their business accounts on Instagram. Though it provides advertising but the earned value is still unsured.

So, let’s say you are a food blogger with 68.7K subscribers on Instagram. The average cost of advertising one post on Instagram is INR 36.69-146.75 per day, so even if you advertise two posts daily to earn potential customers, which will cost you approximately INR 9,052 on monthly basis.

That’s quite a sizeable investment when you are aware of the unassured Earned Media Value (EMV)! 

Challenge #3: Calls for a safe payment gateway for content creators

There are 200 million business accounts on Instagram, which shows a cascading effect from 25 million active business accounts in 2020. This put forth a scenario where a safe payment gateway is required by the businesses, consultants, entertainers, or any creator who earns in any form via the social platform. 

Problems that unfolds: 

  • Businesses need to create a separate website for brand development and growth. 
  • The owners of the business account holders have to look for another medium of payments they receive from their clients. 
  • Though they can advertise using the social platforms marketing tools, separately, they have to market their brand. 
  • Businesses need to focus even on minor tasks.

Whether it’s artists, musicians, entertainers, consultants, working professionals, or teachers, everyone who is a part of the Creator economy has to handle many quotidian jobs apart from creating meaningful and engaging content. 

To search for exclusivity, your mind must be at peace because even brainstorming has a limit.

So, in order to get quality content from content creators, you need to support them with all the tools necessary, starting from marketing and branding to bringing potential clients, taking care of the payments, keeping an eye on the reviews, and so on. When all of this is taken care of, the quality and engagement rate of the content will see an exponential rise.

The Solution: CallXP as The World’s First Digital Toll Line for Creators & Professionals

No matter your expertise, you need a platform that does the most for you. You can be:

  • Educator
  • Consultant 
  • Entertainer

On CallXP, you need not have a subscriber base of 1000 or 4000 watch hours. Instead, you can start monetizing with limited subscribers. Our Unique Selling Proposition is that we transfer value for creativity, services, and products. 

CallXP, the virtual interaction monetization platform, has three license packages, and all of them include some basic but exceptional features that make the platform stand apart from the crowd. Here’s the list: 

  • You will own a white-labelled website of your brand
  • Your website is a separate entity that is capable of SEO, SEM and other marketing services
  • Creators don’t have to share their personal information but their digital visiting card that comes with a QR for booking meetings or collecting payments 
  • Utilize the Calendar to plan your schedule
  • Collect realtime reviews from your clients and choose which ones to publish
  • During the meeting, use whiteboard to make the concepts clearer
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Customized website setup according to the creator’s requirements
  • Have more control of your audience audio and video panels while having live interactions
  • Get realtime insights about the audience’s activities and their engagement rate during a meeting
  • Have advertisement credits to use it on your brand page to acquire more clients
  • Have all information like meeting details, invoices, customer messages, meeting recordings under one platform
  • Have a private chat box to inform your audience about the upcoming event, class or appointment 
  • Ability to create your customer base by the click of a button to further nurture your leads into customers
  • Redirect your customers to your website or social channels for better engagement or purchase of service or product
CallXP is a one-stop solution that the creators were craving for. The platform will take care of everything starting from: 
  • Building your brand from scratch
  • Bringing in potential clients
  • Customizing your website
  • Providing you with your own Digital studio, where you can work from the comfort of your house
  • An exception video conferencing tool to engage with your audience
  • Eliminating the administrative tasks 
  • A safe payment gateway 
CallXP’s virtual interaction platform for creators will get you unconfined from the day-to-day hassles of looking for potential clients and managing tiring and repetitive tasks with lesser to no ROI.